Here is a list of the very best heart centered resources that we've discovered.

To start, simply choose an area of your life that could benefit from more of your love and attention and see which resource resonates with you.

Heart Centered Living

Heart Centered Living 3-Day Reset

Heart Centered Living 14-Day Makeover

Heart Centered Living 28-Day Mastery

Heart Centered Living Nighttime Skincare Kit

Heart Centered Living Daily Supplements for Women

Heart Centered Living Daily Supplements for Men

All Heart Centered Living Supplements + Skincare Products

Heart Centered Living Meditation (FREE)

Spirituality / Purpose / Life Path / Meditation

Best Numerology Life Path Book: The Life You Were Born to Live

Best Karmic Astrology Life Path Book: Discovering Your Soul Mission

Best Astrology Life Path Book: Astrology for the Soul

Best Enlightenment Book: The Supreme Yoga: Yoga Vasistha

Best All for Love Book: Everything is Here to Help You

Best Online Spiritual Program: All for Love Angel Academies

Best Simple Spirituality/Unity Consciousness Book: All is One

Best Spiritual Book: The Power of Now

Best Buddhist Books: Magic of Awareness and Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching

Best Christian Book: A Course in Miracles

Best Who Am I Book: The Teachings of Ramana Maharshi

Best Tibetan Book: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Best Jnana Yoga (Wisdom Path) Book Series: Nothing Ever Happened

Best Bhakti Yoga (Devotion Path) Book: The Journey Within

Best Karma Yoga (Action/Service Path) Book/Living Example: Mother Teresa

Best Biography of Enlightened Masters: Mystics, Masters, Saints & Sages

Best Breath Practices: The Power of Breath and The Power of Pranayama

Best All Religions Point to the Same Truth Book: Rays of the Same Light

Best Daily Devotions Book: Until Today

Best 8-Point Meditation Program: Meditation by Easwaren

Best Meditation Books and Program: Heart of Meditation and Real Happiness

Best Simple Meditation: Very Well Mind

Best Turn Meditation into a Daily Habit App: Headspace

Best Intuitive Training: How to Communicate with Your Guides

Best Akashic Records Book: How to Read the Akashic Records

Best Life Priority Book: One Month to Live

Best Sacred Music CDs: Returning, Sacred Treasures, Ave Maria & Into Silence

Best Ask You Soul/Solo Muscle Testing Video: Emotion Code Healing (FREE)

Best Affirmations/ “I am” Statements: I Am Affirmations (FREE)

Best Free Weekly Numerology Update: Carol Adrienne (FREE)

Best Free Guided Meditations: 10 Best Guided Meditations on YouTube (FREE)

Best Unity Consciousness Article: One Indivisible Family (FREE)

Best Free Meditation Apps: 9 Free Meditation Apps on (FREE)

Best Free Spiritual eBooks: (FREE)

Happiness / Habits / Mind / Subconscious Re-Programming

Best Book to Form Happier and Healthier Habits: Happy Habits

Best Stress Reduction & Happiness Book and App: 10% Happier Book + App

Best Happiness Experiments: The Happiness Project

Best Increase Your Happiness Set Point Book: Happy for No Reason

Best Subliminals to Reprogram Your Subconscious:

Best Whole Brain, Subconscious Reprogramming: Psych-K

Best Mind/Energy Healing Method: The Core Work

Best Code of Conduct for Happiness Book +Course: The Four Agreements

Best Mindfulness Books: Happiness is an Inside Job and Wherever You Go

Best Emotional Intelligence Book: Search Inside Yourself

Best Emotional Intelligence Guidebook for Leaders: Captivate

Best Mind Workout: MindGym: Wake Up Your Mind

Best Make Happiness a Life Priority Book: Happiness: Life’s Most Important Skill

Best Habit Book: The Power of Habit

Best Mindset Book: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Best Vision Board Apps: Make a Vision Board

Best Gratitude App: My Gratitude Journal

Best Self Reflection Practice Book: The Five-Minute Journal

Best Happy Life Advice Book: Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die

Best How To Live Happy Training Event: Art of Living

Best Emotional Health and Wellbeing Solutions: Happify

Best Mindfulness App: Smiling Mind

Best Brain Entrainment App: Holosync

Best Apps for Daily Learning: 14 Apps (Article)

Best Free Tapping meditations: The Tapping Solution (FREE)

Best Way to Bring More Laughter into Your Life: Daringtolivefully (FREE)

Best Free Happiness Course: Be Happy on (FREE)

Best TED Talks on Happiness: TED Talks (FREE)

Best Free Gratitude Worksheets: 118 Gratitude Worksheets on Pinterest (FREE)

Best Happiness Quotes on Twitter: @_SmileGenerator (FREE)

Best Happiness Images: Happi-ness and Board of Happiness (FREE)

Best Habits of Happiness People: SparringMind (FREE)

Best Happiness Playlist: 101 Songs to Lift Your Spirits (FREE)

Best Habit Creation Program: Tiny Habits (FREE)

Best Happy Habits Tools: Happy Habits List and Happy Habits Planner (FREE)

Health / Wellness / Well-Being / Nutrition /Fitness/ Skincare

Best Everyday Wellness Supplements: Heart Centered Living

Best Nighttime Skincare Products: Heart Centered Living

Best Permanent Weight Loss Program: The Gabriel Method

Best Wellness Plan: Dr. Sear’s T5 Wellness Plan

Best Healing Book: You Can Heal Your Life

Best Overall Health Education/ Illness Prevention Book: How Not to Die

Best Holistic Nutrition Books: Spiritual Nutrition and Conscious Eating

Best Water Energizer: Crystal Energy (Drops) thru Gone Green (10% Off)

Best Water Filter: Berkey Water Filter

Best Reverse Serious Illness Book: The Plant Paradox

Best Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods Book: The Ultimate Ph Solution

Best Balanced Meal Planning Book: Body Love

Best Becoming a Vegan Guide: The Plant-Based Journey

Best Gut Health Book: The Microbiome Diet

Best Gut and Candida Tests: Biohm Gut Tests

Best Online Functional Medicine Doctor:

Best Hormone Books: The Hormone Cure and Hormone Reset

Best Hormone Test: Dutch Test

Best Epsom Salts: Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Relaxing Soaking Solution

Best Dry Brush Cleaning Kit: BirchRose + Co and Elemis

Best Tongue Cleaner: MAPI

Best Online Homeopathic Store: Homeopathyworks

Best Sacral Cranial Therapy Cradle/Headrest: CranioCradle

Best Epigenetics (Lifestyle Over Genes) Books: The Biology of Belief & Younger

Best Low-Sugar and Alkaline Foods Blog:

Best Informative and Fun Food Blogs: FoodMatters and Jason Wrobel

Best Restorative Yoga Book & Video: How to Do Restorative Yoga and Gaia

Best Aromatherapy Essential Oils: Young Living and Plant Therapy

Best Herbal Tea Stores Online: Tea Forte and Mightyleaf

Best Quick & Easy HIIT Workout: Gabriel Method Fitness (At Home Program)

Best Online Yoga Classes: Yoga with Adriene (FREE) and Greatist (FREE)

Best Free Interval Workout Videos: Greatist (FREE)

Best National Tap Water Quality Database: (FREE)

Best Cosmetics Quality Database: (FREE)

Best Mindful Eating Article: (FREE)

Best AM & PM Rituals: Create Good Mornings, Relaxing Bedtime Rituals (FREE)

Best Recipes: GeniusKitchen, MinimalistBaker (Vegan), SimpleGreenSmoothies

Work / Service / Learning / Legacy

Best Work You Love Career Guide: InspiredWork and InspiredWork Workbook

Best High Tech Job Search Program: High Tech Job Search Kit

Best Business Naming Book: The Ultimate Business Naming Guide

Best Job Boards List: InspiredWork Global Job Boards List

Best Off-the-Grid Job Search Guide: Create a Job, If You Can’t Find One

Best Entrepreneur Market Validation Book: Lean Startup Market Validation Guide

Best LinkedIn Job Search Training Video: InspiredWork LinkedIn Job Search

Best Career Assessment Guide: Career Assessment for Professionals

Best Numerology-Based Career Path Book: I See Your Dream Job

Best Find Your Passion Test: The Passion Test

Best Enlightened Business Example: Organic India

Best Enlightened Real Estate Millionaire Book: One Minute Millionaire

Best Soulful Business Marketing: Heart Centered Marketing

Best Retirement Book: How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free

Best Productivity Training: Wake Up Productive

Best Book to Start a New Job Off Right: The First 90 Days

Best Domain, Hosting & Website Tools for Entrepreneurs: GoDaddy

Best Create an Inspired Legacy Book: Leaving a Legacy

Best Personal Branding Book: Make a Name for Yourself

Best Work-Life Balance Books: Thrive and The 4-Hour Work Week

Best Prioritization Book and Program: The One Thing

Best Online Business Advice Book: DotCom Secrets

Best Leadership Book: Strengths-Based Leadership

Best Entrepreneur Mindset Podcast: Mind Your Business Podcast (FREE)

Best List of Learning Apps: Best Online Education Apps List (FREE)

Best Bounce Back Book: Bounce Back Big (FREE)

Best Volunteering Apps: GiveGab and OneToday (FREE)

Best Free Business Advice: (FREE)

Best Online Crowdfunding Platform for Entrepreneurs: Kickstarter (FREE)

Best Resume Checklist: InspiredWork Resume Checklist (FREE)

Best Cover Letter Checklist: InspiredWork Cover Letter Checklist (FREE)

Best Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Template: InspiredWork Template (FREE)

Best LinkedIn eBks: LinkedIn for Jobseekers, LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs (FREE)

Best Job Interview Mistakes List: InspiredWork Job Interview (FREE)

Best Career Change Mistakes List: InspiredWork Career Change (FREE)

Best Career Happiness Quiz: InspiredWork Career Happiness Quiz (FREE)

Best Career Obstacle Quiz: InspiredWork Career Obstacle Quiz (FREE)

Best Be a Youth Mentor Network: (FREE)

Best Ways to Leave a Positive Legacy: HuffPost Article (FREE)

Money / Abundance / Wealth / Investments

Best Soulful Prosperity Books: Easy Breezy Prosperity, Creating True Prosperity

Best Abundance Program: 3-Day Life Makeover

Best Yogic Abundance Practices: Yoga of Lakshmi CDs + Abundance Chants

Best Money Education Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Best Personal Finance Guide: The Difference Wealth-Building Journal

Best Personal Finance Book for Women: Smart Women Finish Rich Book

Best Automated Personal Finance Guide: The Automated Millionaire Workbook

Best Tax Strategy Book: Tax-Free Wealth

Best Up-Your-Game Wealth Book: The Millionaire Master Plan

Best Millionaire Mindset Books: Secrets of Millionaire Mind, Millionaire Next Door

Best Financial Fitness Plan: The Total Money Makeover

Best Law of Attraction Book: The Attractor Factor

Best Classic Law of Attraction Books: The Secret and The Magic

Best Money Magnetism Book: Money Magnetism

Best Classic Money Book: Think and Grow Rich

Best Modern Money Books: Financial Peace and Money: Master the Game

Best Stock Market Book: You Can Be a Stock Market Genius

Best Trading Platforms and Apps: Charles Schwab and Robinhood

Best Family CFO Book: How to be the Family CFO

Best Real Estate Investing Book: The ABCs of Real Estate Investing

Best Real Estate Market Cycles Book: Emerging Real Estate Markets

Best Own-the-IP Licensing Book: One Simple Idea

Best Idea to Product Book: Making It Happen

Best Multi-Family Home Investment: McCompanies

Best Commercial Real Estate Investments: Wilson Properties & SVN Trinity

Best Index Fund: Vanguard 500 Index

Best Commodities Book: Hot Commodities

Best Financial Planning and Retirement Planning Software: Wealthtrace

Best Personal Money Management App: Mint

Best Do-It-Yourself Financial Plan: The Simple Money Portfolio (FREE)

Best Personal Budget: The 60% Budget Solution (FREE)

Best Financial Freedom Podcast: So Money (FREE)

Relationships / Marriage / Communications

Best Inter-Personal Relationship Book: The Mastery of Love

Best Soulful Marriage Books: Honeymoon Effect & Secrets of a Soulful Marriage

Best Lasting Relationship Book: Intimacy

Best Love Communications Book: The 5 Love Languages

Best Rebuilding Trust Book: I Love You, But I Don’t Trust You

Best Book for Improving Existing Relationships: The Relationship Cure

Best Relationship Habits Book: Mindful Relationship Habits

Best Power of Listening to Improve Relationships: I Hear You

Best Male/Female Communications: Mars and Venus,Love & Respect Workbook

Best Friendship Book: The Friendship Factor

Best Find Your Soulmate Books: Calling in The One and The Soulmate Secret

Best Communicating with Animals Book: Animal Lessons

Best Adopt a Pet Website:

Best Love Yourself First Book: In the Meantime

Best Kindness Practices Book: Loving-Kindness in Plain English

Best Parenting Books: Simplicity Parenting and How to Raise Happy Kids

Best Life Advice for Children: 10-Minute Life Lessons for Kids

Best Christian Marriage Advice Book: The Best Advice I Ever Got on Marriage

Best Listening Books: The Sacred Art of Listening

Best Leadership Communications Book: Just Listen

Best Business Relationship Books: Give & Take, Never Eat Alone and Giftology

Best Presentation Book: Resonate

Best Relationship Stories: Chicken Soup for the Soul

Best Book on How to Conquer Social Anxiety: How to Be Yourself

Best Body Language Book: The New Secrets of Charisma

Best Christian Communication Book: Change Your Words, Change Your Life

Best Stay Connected App for Couples: Happy Couple App

Best Dating and Dealing with Loneliness Podcast: Love is Like a Plant FREE)

Best Romantic Getaways for Relationship Renewal: Solotopia article (FREE)

Best Free eCards: 123 Greetings (FREE)

Best Business Network: LinkedIn (FREE)

Best Couples Dinner Article: Progressive Dinner Party (FREE)

Best How to Write Thank You Notes Tips: The Spruce article (FREE)

Best 101 Compliments: Thought Catalog (FREE)

Lifestyle/ Home / Rest / Play / Creativity

Best Living Simply Books: The Joy of Less and Soulful Simplicity

Best Space Cleaning Book: Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui

Best Soulful Feng Shui Book: Feng Shui for the Soul

Best Simple Feng Shui Book: Feng Shui Demystified

Best Online Feng Shui Store: LuckyCat

Best Healthy Home Book: The Healthy Home

Best Green Products for the Home: Gone Green (10% Off)

Best iPhone and Computer EMF Protectors: OrgoneVibes

Best Sensual Home Book: Interior Design for All Five Senses

Best Book on Creating Sacred Altars: Altars

Best Home Sanctuary Books: Spirit of the Home and Housekeeping for the Soul

Best Scented Candles for Your Home: Candle Junkies

Best Soulful Gardening Book: Spiritual Gardening

Best Online Crystal Store: Sage Goddess

Best Crystal Book: The Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp & Massage Stones: Bed Bath & Beyond

Best Online Metaphysical Stores: MysticalMoonstore and NewAgeSource

Best Metaphysical Store in the Bay Area:

Best Creativity Book and Podcast: Big Magic and Magic Lessons

Best Creative Visualization Book: The Creative Visualization Workbook

Best Artistic/Self Expression Guide: The Artist Way

Best Wireless Home Music System: Bose SoundTouch 30 Series II

Best Creativity App: Brainsparker

Best Personal Style Books: Daring to Be Yourself and Advanced Style

Best Female Professional Style Books: InStyle Secrets of Style and Instant Style

Best Spa Living at Home Books: Spa Living and The Spa Life at Home

Best Closet Cleaning 100: Vogue article (FREE)

Best Color Therapy Article: 20 Ways to Use Color Therapy (FREE)

Best Spend Time in Nature Article: Spend More Time in Nature (FREE)

Best Musical Instrument Articles: Music is Medicine and DIY Resources (FREE)

Best Sleep Apps: Calm and Sleep Cycle (FREE)

Best Insomnia Apps: Relax & Sleep Well and Nature Sounds Relax (FREE)

Best Ideas for Soulful Vacations HuffPost and Staycations Pure Wow (FREE)

Best Ways to Express Yourself Articles: Mental Floss and BYOU (FREE)

Best 50 Ideas for Having Fun: Life is Good (FREE)