Heart Centered Living

Live Heart Centered, Uplift Yourself & The World

We believe everyone - especially busy professionals - can benefit from living a more heart centered life.

The key is to bring more love into our daily lives  by remembering our essence is love, loving ourselves more, and seeing love in all.

Our Story

Vicki created Heart Centered Living™ as a global online portal to help busy professionals make the journey she is making - from head centered, career-centric survival to heart centered living.

About Vicki

Vicki Morris

Founder,  Heart Centered Living Coach & Author

Vicki Morris is a heart centered lifestyle expert, founder of Heart Centered Living, and author of the transformational career guides  InspiredWork: Create Work You Love in 8 Weeks  and the InspiredWork Workbook  as well as the Inc. Best 100 Business book  Happy Habits.

At Heart Centered Living, Vicki shares her own evolution from head-centered high tech marketing executive to heart-centered entrepreneur and lifestyle expert and recommends the resources she is finding to be the most helpful on her journey.

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