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MTLogo_165-wideIn today’s world, it is more important to live from The Heart Center than ever before.  When I hear someone complaining or judging someone or our government, I know this is adding more negative energy to that person and the world.  Instead of judging, getting caught up in the crises going on – pause; shift your awareness to the Heart Center, and send Innate Harmony to the government.  Innate Harmony is one of the attributes of the Heart Center.  It means even in the mist of chaos, there is calmness. Having the awareness to shift to Heart Center in any situation, gives one clarity, and there is no judgment or “put down”.  You may have to shift your awareness several times a day.  The more one lives from the Heart Center, they are less judgmental.

I live in Colorado Springs and look at Pikes Peak Mountain daily.  Catherine Lee Bates went to the top of Pikes Peak in 1893 and was inspired to write American the Beautiful.  In 2003, David, my husband sang and recorded that song at our Healing Touch Conference.  The conference was held at the same hotel (re-modeled) where Catherine Lee Bates began to write America the Beautiful.  Each day, as I am driving to my water aerobics class, I play the song and send Heart Energy to the president, congress and all the people who are the leaders of our country.  I set the intension that the decisions that are made that day will be for the highest good for American and for the world.  Please join me in sending Heart Energy to our leaders to help raise the conscieness of our country.

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Through heart centered classes, sessions, and services we assist individuals in achieving focus, balance, and integration in all aspects of their lives.

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